"Kate carefully depicts the inner soul and spirit of the animal. She is the modern Rembrandt of the dog portraiture." Peter Williams/Museum Services, Boston MA

Bertík má prý také radost.

Benži na Moravě

accomplished fellow artist: “You amaze me!!!! You also are a huge inspiration for me every time I see one of your remarkable paintings. You are unique in that you capture all the feelings dogs have and all the feelings we have for them. This is really at a whole different level. I think everyone would agree.”

about Žofinka, Yorkshire Terrier, 36x27cm:
“Když jsem se na obrázek podívala, myslela jsem si, že to je fotografie. Dokonalé dílo. Jste umělkyně jaké není rovno!!!! Nemůžeme se na Žofinčin portrét vynadívat. Děkujeme za tu krásu, opravdu moc moc moc. Je to překrásné. Krása kombinovaná s nádherou!!!!! Ty očička s jiskrou, ten čumáček .. ano, to je naše Žofinka. Naše plyšanda dobře ví, že je významný člen naší rodiny a když jsme jí prvně její portrét ukázali, zdálo se nám, že je na svůj portrét pyšná, dobře si jej očmuchala a olízla okraj rámu. Nyní nám obrázek visí v obývacím pokoji, abychom jej měli stále na očích a mohli se jím kochat. Všichni moc děkujeme za Vaše umění, jste moc milý a od Boha nadaný člověk.”

about Bertík, Pug, 10”x10” oil:
”Pořád dokola se na to díváme. A i my máme slzy v očích.... Káťo, moc to pro nás znamená. Jsi borec. Brácha viděl tvůj obrázek a řekl: TO JE BOŽSKÁ NÁDHERA. A taťka ani nemohl mluvit. Děti jsou z toho vedle. Syn úplně pištěl pusu otevřenou. A dcera myslela, že je to fotka. Ta nevěřila, že to je malovaný.”

about Benži, Hovawart, 12”x12” oil:
”Upřímně nemám slov. Už na fotce vypadá obraz úžasně! Krásně namalované.”

about Rea, Domestic Short-haired Cat, 13”x10” oil:
”It looks so beautiful and you really captured her personality! It’s absolutely perfect!”

about Elvis la Perla, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, 13”x10” oil:
”Dobrý den, super, nádhera!!! Tak jen mu dát kšandičky a vodítko a můžeme jít na procházku ;-) Jste fakt talent!!!”

about Tarzan, Corgi, 10”x10” oil:
”Oh my!! Makes me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy. You’ve got him, Kate. Thank you! Can’t wait to show him off!”

about Coco, Long-haired Miniature Dachshund, 12”x9” oil:
”My wife absolutely LOVES the painting of Coco you did for us. She is so moved by it - I think she cries every time she looks at it! Thanks so much for helping us make this a special Christmas.”

about Snoopy, Domestic Short-haired Cat, 12”x12” oil:
”It is beautiful and looks just like Snoopy!! Thank you so much, it made me get a bit teary.
It is perfect!! Thank you so much! I can’t wait to frame it and hang it up!”

about Maiki, Petit Brabancon, 12”x9” oil:
"Obraz je nádherný. Kolegyně v práci si myslela, že je to fotka. Moc děkuji. Je úžasný. Neznám nikoho jiného, kdo umí namalovat takovýmto skvělým způsobem psa.”

about Tank, German Shepherd, 12”x9” oil:
“WOW. She really got him!”

Mischa on the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C.

Loki in Prague, Czechia

about Izzy, a rescue dog, 10”x10” oil:
”OMG!! this portrait of my precious Izzy is beautiful.. I don't know how you do it.. to capture her so perfectly..”

about Jigger, Moyen Poodle, 12”x9” oil:
”Wow!! I absolutely love it!!! Looks so real. My mom is going to love it so much. Thank you Kate! You captured Jigger perfectly!”
”Oh Kate, I LOVE the painting of Jigger. It truly makes me cry when I look at it, it is if I can hear him and smell him. I miss him so much and can't wait to see the painting here at home.”

about Marcel, Boston Terrier, 10”x10” oil:
”I had tears in my eyes when I opened this gift. I don’t know how you did it but you captured him in a way no other image has. I’ll cherish it always.”

about Chubby Cheeks, Ameraucana, 8"x8" oil:
"The painting you did of Chubs was fantastic. The level of detail was incredible and it may sound crazy, but you also captured the personality of Paige's favorite chicken. The way you handled the surprise and presentation to Paige was great and very much appreciated. The painting and experience will be something Paige and all of us remember for years to come. Thank you so much. Great to see you."

about Neely and Theo, both 12"x9" oil:
"Both Theo’s portrait and Neely’s came out fantastic! You are not only amazing with the technical aspects, but you really are able to capture the personalities of your subjects. I’m so pleased I thought of commissioning dog portraits as Christmas gifts and believe me, I will let others know as well! Thank you."

about Casey, Lemon Beagle & Basset Hound & Labrador mix, 10"x10" oil:
"Tyson was stunned by the incredible likeness. He couldn’t stop saying thank you. Jane was so moved that she teared up. Four-year-old Millie hugged Casey and said “Look, it’s you!” They were thrilled — and amazed by your talent. So are we. We hope it inspires others to make the same request we did. Thank you so much for making this birthday special."

about Knut and Tomte, Cotons de Tulear, 11"x14" oil:
"I love it!!! We were all so impressed with your work. Thank you for sharing your talent with our family. Can't wait to get it home to a place of honor."

about Otto, Doberman Pinscher, 12"x9" oil:
"Amazing!!! I am crying, he looks beautiful! It is perfect, you are so talented! I never expected it to look that great. We absolutely adore everything about this beautiful painting."

about Duke, English Yellow Labrador, 9"x12" oil:
"Kate, just want to let you know the painting is a HUGE hit with my daughter - it is truly a wonderful homage to our Duke and a great keepsake for one of his biggest fans, Andrea. Thanks again!"

Knut and Tomte chose the frame for their portrait

Tucker, my part-time help at work

about Graci, Coton de Tulear, 8"x8" oil:
"It is so adorable. You so captured her eyes, tongue, nose, ears, & personality! I love the painting. You have amazing talent, Kate."

about Bailey, Goldendoodle, 10"x8" oil:
"You did an amazing job on the commission."
"Dear Kate, Wow, that is a really beautiful portrait, and I'm sure the owners will be extremely happy with it. Very painterly, wonderful draftsmanship and a sensitive depiction of a very loving and loved dog.”

about Pup, Husky & Wolf mix, 9"x12" oil:
"I love the painting of Pup so much because it makes me see qualities in him that were there all the time, but they are just so much easier now to see through the talent of another person, from another doing the display. It's easier to see now. I'm glad you do a simple, almost abstract background, this makes the focus completely on his essence, not on the form."

about Tonka, Catahoula Leopard Dog & unknown mix, 9"x10" oil:
"Kate: I keep meaning to stop in to tell you how much I like the picture of Tonka! I'm always rushing when I drive by the studio, so I'm writing to say -- wow!  We have it hanging up in the dining room and it makes me smile every time I walk past. You are so talented!"

about Sami, Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, 9"x9" oil:
"I gave Mark Sami's portrait last night. He thinks it's great! He wanted to show it to her right away. Kimi says it totally looks like her. Peter said you really made her head look exactly like her. Wouldn't be surprised if Mark has you paint another one some day, because he also loves her "smile" (which usually means she's panting!) Glad you painted her! It's in the kitchen now, so we can enjoy it!"

about Sadie, Great Dane, 8"x10" oil:
"She is so outstanding and beautiful. Honestly, brilliant!"
"Wow. What a beautiful tribute to sweet Sadie. Thank you. This will mean the world to her owner."

about Sissy, Jack Russell & Rat Terrier mix, 10"x8" oil:
"OMG Kate, this is absolutely beautiful! I'm tearing up. I love everything about it. You've captured my baby girl just beautifully! I showed it to my husband and he does too. Honestly Kate, it's perfect and very special to me. Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job of making Sissy look so life like. I'll treasure it always."

Otis, my big help at work

Somo in Los Angeles, CA